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In addition to the normal tabs, grids, and widgets it is possible to embed content from other sites into FlexDash using HTML IFrames. There are 2 different iframes to choose from: tab iframes and widget iframes. (FlexDash actually also supports grid iframes, but the Node-RED integration doesn't and their usefulness is dubious.)

Widget iframes are the simplest: they have a URL input and create an iframe the size of the widget into which the content from the URL is loaded. The URL is a standard prop so it can be changed dynamically via a message.

Tab iframes are more complex in order to allow portions of sites with their own tabs to be embedded efficiently in FlexDash, this is particularly relevant to the std Node-RED dashboard. An iframe tab consists of a single iframe that takes up the entirety of the window below the top-nav bar. It is filled from a URL specified for the tab.

The special navigation feature/trick is best explained using the Node-RED dashboard as example. Like FlexDash, the Node-RED dashboard is a single page app (SPA) and it navigates from one tab to another by changing the hash in the URL. Specifically, the first tab (tab 0) has a URL of the form http://localhost:1880/ui/#!/0 where the #!/0 designates the tab number. The second tab (tab 1) will have the same URL ending with #!/1, etc.

The trick is that changing the iframe's URL from http://localhost:1880/ui/#!/0 to http://localhost:1880/ui/#!/1 causes the embedded Node-RED dashbaord to switch from the first tab to the second without reloading.

In addition to this navigation trick, FlexDash does not unload the contents of an iframe tab when navigating to a regular tab. This means that rapidly switching back and forth between a FlexDash tab and an IFrame tab does not reload anything and is very fast.

Finally, FlexDash provides two IFrame "slots", where each slot is such a preserved iframe. This means that slot-a can be reserved for embedded Node-RED dashboard tabs and slot-b can be used for other sites. This causes the Node-RED dashboard not to be unloaded.

Note that there is a memory penalty to not unloading the iframe content. It would most likely be best to unload after a certain time of non-use...

The following screen shots show a FlexDash dashboard with some FlexDash tabs, some Node-RED tabs, and one Grafana tab.

FlexDash native tab

Dashboard with many tabs showing one of the FlexDash "native" tabs, i.e., a normal grid with widgets.

Embedded Node-RED tab

The same dashboard showing one of the embedded (iframe'd) Node-RED dashboard tabs. The Node-RED dashboard's navigation title bar is set to `hidden` since the tab-to-tab navigation is replaced by FlexDash's tabs.

Embedded Grafana tab

The same dashboard showing an embedded Grafana dashboard page using Grafana's kiosk mode to hide the Grafana navigation.